The Bachelor's Bed

The Bachelor's Bed - Oi. 1.5 stars for this one. You're killing me, Shalvis. I really liked the last book, but this one was hard to not put down.This was basically 200 pages of Lani (look up 'desperate' in the dictionary and you'll find Lani) deluding herself into believing that her pretend engagement has very real feelings behind it. Of course, those feelings do eventually form and they love each other fo'realz and live happily ever after or whatever. But seriously? I almost shut this book down like 4 or 5 times because I felt so bad for Lani and her inability to just accept it. It was like reading about a romanticized stalker. I know she wasn't stalking him, but Lani still reminded me of a stalker that just couldn't grasp reality.And if you're going to mention a dozen different times that you never go back on your word, never break a promise, always hold up your end of a deal... breaking said promise deserves at least an apology on your part, you bitch. Oh, you didn't run as far as you initially intended, but you still ran.I felt like there were some gaping plot holes. I'll hide it as a spoiler, but I seriously doubt you could 'spoil' the story by knowing anything I'm about to say. That's not a compliment.1. What happened with the laser? Lani breaks the very thing that Colin has slaved over night and day for months and it's never mentioned again. Seriously?2. Did the engagement party happen? Did everyone approve of Lani? Was 'their love for each other visible in their eyes' or whatever? After all that shit about the fucking party, we don't even get to read about it? A small epilogue would have easily wrapped up both of these situations.3. Did Lani's crazy Aunt Jennie ever accept Colin? Did she start hanging out with Colin's mom & aunts? That would have been an epically hilarious scene that I have no doubt Jill Shalvis could have written beautifully. But nope.4. Colin told his assistant Claudia that the engagement was a sham, so what happens when the engagement becomes real? Again, Shalvis misses out on a scene. Colin, shameful and abashed, explaining to Claudia that he was a moron and fell in love.I don't like how it just ends, though public groveling is always a plus. An epilogue of the engagement party and even just a few sentences about the other plot holes would have bumped this up to 2-2.5 stars for me. As it is, I can only give it 1.5 stars. But at least it's not all because the female lead's desperation made me want to chew nails. This time, part of the blame falls on the plot.I wouldn't recommend this book. Especially not to anyone experiencing unrequited love, as I don't want to encourage their insanity.