It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series #2)

It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas This book is worth reading simply for the dinner scene. I mean, I loved it, don't get me wrong. But HRs might not be your thing. Doesn't matter - read chapter 9 anyway.My only complaint is how the author turned a good guy in a villain by the end of the book. That was sooo unnecessary and soured me on that character completely. This would have been a 5-star read for me had that not happened. It wasn't so left-field that I couldn't stand it, it was just so wrong. The same thing could have been accomplished without turning a good guy bad. And I'm supposed to like this character enough to shell out money for his story after that? Bah.Otherwise, I loved this story. Westcliff and Lillian were electric. Swoon-worthy.I think I'll skip the next book and try the fourth.