Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan Series #1)

Dire Needs - Stephanie Tyler 2.5 stars I almost liked it...First, there is a shit ton of world building. I skimmed most of it and still have a firm grasp on the world, so I strongly suggest you do the same. And world building in the middle of a conversation - pages of world building - really screws with the flow of the story. Alas, the world building is necessary in the beginning of a series, but a lot of this information was entirely unnecessary and could have been saved for subsequent books. We didn't need that much world building to understand and enjoy the story.Second, Gwen's medical 'situation' is really obvious. And when the author gives up a tidbit of info in passing that links back to a previous explanation of something else, the cat's out of the bag. I doubt the author wanted the reader to know the secret that early on, especially after I read the 'big reveal' scene, which was obviously supposed to shock the reader. Seems like the author's desire to explain everything backfired a wee bit.Third, this story really meanders. It keeps a steady pace, but it does so in a winding, zigzag manner. And then you get to the end and start checking for extra pages. That can't possibly be how it ends. There's no big finale or anything. You get a lead-in for the next book, but you don't really get a (even temporary) resolution.This book was a rough start to the series. Lots of time spent introducing characters, explaining their personalities, their pasts, etc. And then a long, winding road of starting a war that will probably span the entire series. I felt like the author chose a piss poor place to end the story - there should have been one more situation (see: fight) for them to deal with before the equally piss poor excuse of an HEA.I'm not sure if I'll read anything else from this series. This whole "group of immortal warriors finding love one at a time" thing is getting old. Too episodic. And the same personality traits are used with each series - there's always "the leader", "the playboy", "the fighter", "the mediator", "the tortured one that everyone looks out for", "the somewhat reserved, but totally brilliant one", etc.I'd recommend this for people who like that type of series - one guy's story per book. But I wouldn't expect them to be impressed.