Dark Oracle

Dark Oracle - Alayna Williams This is an extremely long winded book. Overly detailed descriptions of the surroundings paired with complicated infodumps about dark matter made this a heavily skimmed read for me. I skipped over so many unnecessary descriptions, I'm sure I only read 60% of the book.Tara is kind of a wuss. She has strong moments, but most of the time she's a runner, not a fighter.Harry is a very one-dimensional character. You don't really know anything about him aside from the fact that his parents died when he was young.This was really just a 'meh' book for me. Nothing stood out in a positive way (aside from Martin's sense of humor). Lots of time wasted on descriptions that could have been used to strengthen the character's relationships.And the flash-bang ending was pretty lame. It just ends, with no real winding down, Harry is out of the picture, and it's just - poof - over. I hate that.I know there are other books in this series, so I'll read their blurbs to see if they're of any interest.For those of you that have read it or don't mind spoilers:I feel like the author should have had Tara give Harry a tarot reading. He was having a hard time grasping the reality of it and with her readings being so accurate throughout the rest of the book, he would have been hard pressed to ignore the truth of the matter. I also think that Harry should have found out about Corvus' role in Tara's attack. It could have been an intense moment that expressed Harry's desire to protect her, but instead Tara gets a sucker punch in and then has to blow herself up to escape. Left field, much?I probably wouldn't recommend this book.