Minion: The Dark Legends Begin (Vampire Huntress Legend Series #1)

Minion - L.A. Banks I should start by saying that I am just shy of being the last person on Earth that should review this book, seeing as how I didn't exactly read it. I read some of it. 'Some of it' can be further described as 'the prologue and some of the first chapter'... And that's why I'm bothering to write a review. Never before has a fictional character made me literally see red. After mentioning 30 times that "everyone can feel that some bad shit is about to go down" and the repeated 'Too Stubborn to Live' moments of the heroine telling herself that it's totally cool that she doesn't feel right and since their lives will be in danger, there's no need to tell her friends because she's an independent woman, damnit, and she might not know what's going on with her body, but she's got her big girl panties on... I completely lost faith in the author's ability to make me not hate the heroine. I hate characters like that. If it's not the stupid girl that refuses to accept the fact that going out into the night alone when people are trying to kill her is a bad idea, it's the inconsiderate girl that thinks being an independent female is some sort of protection in itself and going off half-cocked is always Plan A. So no, I have no idea what happens in this book. Might be a great story, I dunno. But I was so tired of the repetition and repulsed with the heroine that I couldn't get through the first chapter.