Midnight Bayou

Midnight Bayou - Nora Roberts 3.5 starsAs usual, Nora Roberts delivers an incredibly entertaining story. Since there are already a hundred reviews waxing poetic about how wonderful it is, I'll just quickly tell you why this wasn't another five-star read for me.- Lena plays games. For all the talk about how much of a straight-shooter she is, she relies on the head games with Declan a little too often. This is a personal thing for me, exasperated by the fact that every god damn female lead is overly stubborn these days. I'm kinda worn out on people fighting their feelings and what's good for them.- This was listed as a romantic suspense, but there wasn't much suspense. Lilibeth, Josephine, or Julian all could have played villain with one or two short scenes and really driven home the need for Declan and Lena to solve their little mystery. As it was, there were some spooky moments, a total mind-fuck moment, and that's really it.- It needs an epilogue. Just a quick little window into 'a year later' or 'a few months later', whatever. It ended quickly, without any indication of what the future had in store for the couple.That's really it, which isn't much for me. Nora Roberts does a fabulous job of bringing the bayou to life and I'm hoping to find some other books with similar locals.I'll definitely recommend this book and gush over how sweet and sexy Declan is with whomever I convince to read it.