Pack Challenge

Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston I'm usually not into shifter books because the shapeshifter//werewolf thing is so convoluted lately, I dunno what I'm reading. But I really enjoyed this one.Unlike most of the romances I've read lately, the female lead isn't TSTL. Usually when you have a headstrong, independent h, you end up with the stubborn 'no, I can't be with him because I'll lose him some day' attitude or the 'no, I can't be with him because he can't possibly want to be with me' thing going on. Both of which make me want to cheerfully strangle these bitches. But Sara was a great lead - the right amount of 'strong, independent heroine' mixed with a healthy scattering of wariness and insecurity. I liked reading about an alpha female character that wasn't a bitch for no reason, like Casey. And she didn't run off into the darkness to fight a battle solo after the alpha male told her not to. I believe that scene should always end with the dumb bitch getting maimed. It would teach her not to do that anymore, really.The other thing I really enjoyed was that this was a funny book. I laughed out loud a number of times and Miki's paranoia could have easily stolen the show from Sara's sarcasm. I think Shelly Laurenston did a wonderful job balancing out the characters so that I became interested in the secondary characters' future, but didn't get distracted from Zach and Sara. Miki's story should be hilarious.Good book, nice pacing, honest characters, steamy sex. Me likie.