Making Chase (Chase Brothers)

Making Chase (The Chase Brothers, Book 4) - Lauren Dane God dammit. God dammit.I'm so... I'm pissed, but relieved, but annoyed and frustrated all at the same time. I'm so not happy right now, but there is still this sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a series, you know? And that feels like success. But it's not. Not in this case.I'll just go ahead and throw out the SPOILER WARNING, because I'm about to rant this shit up and blah blah blah, can't be held responsible, whatever.So. Get this. Lauren Dane, who I totally forgot is the author that uses "gate" instead of "pussy" in all her sex scenes, decided to round out the Chase Brothers series with a "fat nobody from the wrong side of the tracks" main character. And this girl, Tate, is messed up. Her psychological issues are mostly justified, but she's holding on to them like a freaking life raft while insisting that they have no control over her anymore. Everything she does is colored and shaped by her childhood issues and her complete denial over it created one situation after another in which she made the wrong decision based on fear.Again and again and again.I literally said "Noooo, anything but that!" a few times. Her response to any challenge seemed to be running away. It was fucking miserable trudging through Tate's backwards behavior. Hide everything, run away from confrontation, pretend it doesn't exist, change the subject, turn the questioning around on them, etc. Where's her back bone? She shows it for a few sentences, when she talks back to some bitches that have cornered her, but then she runs away! And she does this twice! She let's the person taunt her, she sends back a real zinger and then turns tail. Why not just say "Matt, you're not worth the hassle. See ya!"A lot of her issues stem from her father humiliating her weight as a child. She claims to have no issues about it and has accepted it, but it's quite obvious that she has merely accepted the fact that she's not skinny. She doesn't embrace her body. She avoids eating, even though she loves to cook and feed people. It's an issue that the author mentions numerous times, Matt even addresses it and promises to bring it up again, but he never does. My problem is, it's aaaallll about her fucking weight. If her weight is that much of an issue, you'd think she'd take some steps towards rectifying the situation. Eat healthy, exercise, etc. Nope. None of that. Just... not eating, which anyone with weight issues knows is not conducive to weight loss until you start starving and your body begins to eat itself to survive. I digress.I'm sick of the BBW stories. I'm sorry, I have nothing against large women. I am no Skinny Minny myself. But an entire book of somebody else's weight issues is not the fantasy world in which I want to escape on my day off. I deal with my own body issues on a daily basis. I'm not interested in reading 200 pages of Tate's body issues. Especially when she claims to have let go of them. That just makes me angry.To be fair, I adored Matt. He was fucking stupid when it came to actually having to work for his relationship to develop and that was interesting to read. I thought his walking away when Tate finally told him the truth to be the stupidest thing he could have possibly done aside from physically assaulting her, but I could forgive one mistake in light of his total cluelessness when it came to Tate's issues.What kills me, though, is that I was forced to read this story so that I could finish the series and get the whole Chase Family Wrap-Up (probably not trademarked). Lauren Dane should have put the chubby story in the middle, so that we could skip it if we wanted to. The same way other authors put their interracial relationships or menages in the middle.Since that apparently killed me, I guess this next complaint can't be any worse. "It sent me to the next level of hell?" Whatever. This book. It was so long. It was like, a full book on top of a novella on top of a long epilogue. A literary menage, if you will.Tate and Matt meet, then they date for months, lots of issues, drama with a jealous bitch, then their families meet, Matt tells her he loves her, then Tate gets into it with her parents and ends up in the hospital and she says she loves him and I'm like, "Nice story, now the epilogue with a Chase Family Wrap-Up (probably trademarked) and I can read another story before bed."No. It's like a whole other god damn story after that, with more family drama and lies and another jealous bitch, and the previous jealous bitch again, and then some asshole guys, and a fight and it's like... shit, dude. If you had taken out all the melodrama about Tate's body issues, you could have fit all this drama into a book and not made it feel like two books. With all the various happenings, the chubby nonsense just extended this into a terribly long story.And then the cherry on top of that epic long crappy story, we finally get the Chase Family Wrap-Up (probably not trademarked) and that's why this book gets two stars. Because Edward, the dad, finally gets his moment to speak and he fucking nails it. I cried. I cried two separate times, because I had finally stopped choking up from the first part by the time the second touching moment came around and I'm just so glad there's nobody here to see the makeup now smeared across my temples. Everyone in all the families got their HEA and that almost made reading all that fat-hating worth it. I'm still kinda bitter about it, though, so I'm giving this two starsAnd boom goes the dynamite.