Right Wolf, Right Time: Cougar Falls Series, Book 6

Right Wolf, Right Time (Cougar Falls) - Marie Harte That was hot. Like... that horrible gif font with the animated flames? That hot.I think if you've gotten to the point where you're reading the reviews, you've already read the blurb and have a general idea of what the book is about. So I'll just skip to the part you really care about: my personal opinions. Right?Monty. One of the worst names ever. But aside from the name that makes me think of old men in Speedos, this was an awesomely sexy character. Marie Harte has a knack for writing dirty talk that sounds realistic and sexy. It felt very inappropriate to read this book at work, but whatever. I couldn't stop.Sophie was a little meek in the beginning, but you could sense she didn't want to be, so you rooted for her. She got pretty hardcore at the climax and I was damn proud of her.But back to Monty... no, just kidding. But not totally kidding, because when I try to think of what to put in the review, the only thing I'm remembering (even though I put the book down 10 minutes ago) is Monty's dirty talk.I recommend this... for reasons.