The Stillness Of You (Beautifully Damaged)

The Stillness of You - Julie Bale Meh. Not really impressed with this one. I read it because it was recommended for people who enjoyed "Real" by Katy Evans, which I just finished in one sitting. I can see why it was recommended. Georgia is bipolar, first person narrative, sports romance, etc. But compared to "Real", this kinda sucked. Maybe I would have liked it more had I not just been blown away by the last book, but I was still horribly frustrated with Georgia's thinking. I understand bipolar disorder and I felt like Julie Bale didn't. Maybe she does. Maybe she has more experience with it than I do. But it didn't feel authentic in this story. Georgia's thinking made me wonder why anyone let her out of the mental institution so soon. She admitted that she needed her medications, but refused to take them. She acknowledged risky behavior, something that could get her in serious trouble, and then did it anyway. And the author crapped out on making her suffer the consequences of those actions. She basically sent Georgia into a situation that would test her strength and then never tested her. Like Georgia is so strong she can handle hanging out with enablers in a tempting situation but the next moment we're seeing her break down because she's not strong enough to admit to being bipolar. It doesn't make sense. It honestly felt like she suffered from schizophrenia. She didn't have highs and lows, her thinking just didn't make sense. So, while it was impossible for me not to compare this to "Real" and find it wanting, I'm sure plenty of folks will find it quite enjoyable. I'm a little too picky and annoyed to say I liked it, though.