Off Sides (Off Series, #1)

Off Sides (Off Series, #1) - Sawyer Bennett I finished this book thinking not of the couple, Danny and Ryan, but of the evil ex-girlfriend Angeline. Seriously, how many times can one girl be rejected and still come back for more without losing that overconfident, entitled-to-everything, attitude? I swear, if people like that character truly exist in real life, I'm not sure I can continue to support laws against murder. I really want to kill that bitch.Anyway, everything else was kinda middle-of-the-road. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad. It was amusing for the hour or so I spent reading it. Danny and Ryan were both worthy characters and they definitely had chemistry. The supporting cast was appropriate - everyone had their part. Surrogate parents and best friends, evil parents and scumbag team mates, the girl that starts out as a bitch but slowly warms up to the outsider, etc. They were only missing the token black guy, but one of the characters could have been black and it just wasn't mentioned.I like this story, but I'm not blown away.