A Perfect Blood (Rachel Morgan Series #10)

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison *sigh* I'm not impressed, I'm not even satisfied. I feel like this book was pointless. Kim Harrison said that when she's plotting and outlining her next novel, she'll toss out things that don't force or allow Rachel to grow as a person. I usually like that. This book felt like one big step, though. Rachel accepted that she was a demon and tentatively began to embrace it. The End. That was all I really got from this story. And it was incredibly depressing.The story itself is fine, I just don't know that I needed to be a full length novel. Basically, anti-Inderlander humans are experimenting on witches, trying to turn them into demons and somehow destroy all Inderlander species. I accept this as an interesting plot. But so many other things were barely mentioned, ignored, dropped entirely, etc.I think a decently sized piece of my disappointment is due to the fact that I was under the impression that Trent and Rachel were going to develop more than they did. Al was... hardly worth mentioning, to be honest. All that fear about the ever-after and apparently it's no biggie. And Ceri's relationship with Trent is weird. Quen, Ivy, David... they seem to be getting less and less page time. Like, I don't even understand why David is still around. He didn't really do anything to further the story and I can't figure out why he puts up with Rachel's bullshit. WTF does he get out of that warped relationship? So many things were left unresolved. Not like a cliffhanger, but like the author forgot to wrap things up or explain something.This was just... blah. I'm upset because this was a huge let down and it might be partially my fault for getting so worked up over it. Either way, I'm not giving up on the series and will (again) desperately await the release of the next book in hopes of finally getting my Trench sex scene.I'd recommend this book, but I'd also warn fans of The Hollows that it's not the highlight of the series.