Tanner's Scheme (Breeds Series)

Tanner's Scheme - Lora Leigh First let me say that the plot is A+. I really enjoyed the skeleton of the story... the concept, I guess. That being said, I have a lot of complaints.SPOILER WARNING - I'm about to site specific examples and while I don't necessarily discuss the outcome of the events, some people might not want to know any of the events. Consider this your RAGE WARNING and LANGUAGE WARNING as well, because I'm about to go apeshit on this book.1. For somebody that was trained to show know weakness and knew how important it was to keep that fearless facade in place, Scheme was a quivering mass of wimpy terror entirely too often. I can understand why she was terrified, but since she's written as being fearless and showing no weakness, it's too out of character. Obviously, she's not fearless. So I felt lied to, oddly enough.2. A huge portion of this book is about Scheme simply fretting over whether or not to trust Tanner. Again, I understand why she felt like she shouldn't, but her flip flopping back and forth between trust and mistrust got tiring after the first oh, I dunno, 6 chapters? Move the hell on already. Either trust him or don't. But trusting him meant either a) getting out of the cave, surviving, stopping the bad guys, etc... or b) possibly dying. And not trusting him meant either a) maybe surviving, maybe stopping the bad guys, etc... or b) definitely dying. Why not go with the option that gets you out of the god damn cave, if not the one that has a better chance of survival?3. Speaking of trust issues. Tanner is all pissed that Scheme doesn't trust him. He spends days trying to convince her to trust him. Note that he doesn't try to earn her trust, he tries to convince her and ply her with sex because it's not like Scheme has been betrayed by a lover before, right? *head desk* Then later on in the story, once trust has been achieved, Tanner questions Scheme's trust in somebody else and actually has the balls to ask her if anyone has ever told her she's too trusting. What the fuck, yo? After spending a week trying to get her to trust him, he should be the last person to consider her too trusting. I wanted to bitch slap Tanner for that, but it was a pleasant change from wanting to bitch slap Scheme...4. Scheme is written as a deep, ruthless, and highly intelligent character. Call me picky, but that's not the type of character that would have multiple TSTL moments. She knows the woods are crawling with enemy Breeds working for her father (you know, the ones with elevated senses and heightened desire to maim and murder?), so she leaves the safety of the hidden cave and stumbles around, shoeless, in the woods in the dark like a god damn buffalo, crashing through brush and leaving a mile-wide trail from the hideaway for the bad guys to find. Fucking brilliant. But it gets so much worse when she shames females everywhere by explaining to Tanner that she left because she hoped he would stop her. Kill me now. Could it get worse? Oh yes, it does... when she sneaks off to a secluded area and gets kidnapped like a fucking moron - because that is what you are if you wander off alone when people are trying to kidnap and kill you.Does it ever occur to any of these dumb bitches that the professionals that are attempting to protect them might not appreciate all their hard work going to shit when they wander off alone... LIKE A FUCKING MORON!?!?This was just... a ton of fail. Any time I started to warm up to it, somebody did something epically stupid or ... well, just stupid. Stupid, stupid people. And I feel stupid for not DNFing it at the first TSTL moment and torturing myself with a few more.