Dawn's Awakening (Breeds Series)

Dawn's Awakening - Lora Leigh Okay okay okay! So, I started reading this yesterday morning and was infuriated by damn near all the characters for one reason or another. I was extremely frustrated with the characters and where the story was headed. I DNFed it before the 2nd chapter.Then I read another Lora Leigh story and was pretty pissed off at that story, too. Decided to see if maybe I was just PMSing or something and unfairly judged this book. So I gave it a second chance.My verdict: Meh.The reviews gushed that Seth is sooo sweet and all the readers just loved Dawn's vulnerability. I dunno what those people read, but I obviously didn't read the same thing.Seth was a god damn moron and so was Dawn. They both allowed the other to suffer for a whole decade, without speaking to each other to see what the other wanted - without even caring what the other person wanted. Seth walked away like a coward and Dawn hid like a coward.I did enjoy the way Seth sparred with Dawn and helped her make her breakthrough. That was a great scene. And the whole "little lost girl" needing Dawn to wake up and remember - very interesting!I didn't enjoy the TSTL moment that Dawn (an enforcer!) had, almost getting raped in the woods, but I kinda blame Seth a little for that one (thankfully, he does, too) because he ran off like a moron and Dawn wasn't going to let her mate go alone. It was a TSTL moment for both of them, but there was only one.Conclusion: It wasn't bad, but I didn't really like Dawn or Seth. I skimmed through a lot of the emotional whining because after the first chapter or two of it, I got the freakin' point. It was rehashed too often and I found no reason for it except that it was basically filler for lack of a storyline. It reminded me too much of the 6 chapters of porn and trust issues in Tanner's Scheme.I know I've read and enjoyed some Lora Leigh novels, but I'm thinking the Breeds series isn't one of them.