Riding on Instinct (Wild Riders Series #3)

Riding on Instinct - Jaci Burton I'm technically going with 2.5 stars here. While I thought it was okay, it had potential to be a lot better.My main complaint is that not a whole lot happened. It was a lot of sex. And some motorcycle riding. And then boom, it's over.My minor complaint, which technically annoyed me more than the lack of drama, was the dialogue between the two main characters and the stilted descriptions we get of sex scenes. Not all the time, but there were a few that stuck out to me. Like, the romantic seduction falls flat during this interchange:"You make my dick hard.""You make me wet."Really? And then scattered among this horrible dialogue, we get elementary sentences (more than one per paragraph is no good):He liked to make her smile.He liked touching her.He liked her laugh.Oh, he likes stuff, does he? NO WAY!!1!!11!Sooo, it was okay. I liked the idea a lot. I would have eaten up a meaty novel that really fleshed out the drama. I felt like I knew just enough about the characters to understand them, but I didn't really care if they got their HEA or not. More suspense/action would have benefited this book in more ways than one. It's in the 'romantic suspense' genre, but I feel like it should be in the 'erotica' genre instead.