Show No Mercy

Show No Mercy - Cindy Gerard DNF. Don't worry, I didn't get far enough into the book to be able to give spoilers...Even though this book is on my 'hated the heroine' shelf, I didn't exactly hate her. I just couldn't stand the whole "I dunno why he hates me" inner monologue after the 4th go round. Just f*cking ask him already! And, while I understand this is probably how reporters think, the paragraphs upon paragraphs of her just... asking herself questions, wondering about things, mulling stuff over, etc. Holy crap, I was just barely skimming until I saw quotation marks and assumed there was dialogue that might actually reveal something. But it didn't reveal anything other than the fact that both the hero and heroine are both snarky individuals that have so far done nothing but trade one-liner jabs with each other and get blown up. The only problem is, it didn't happen in that order. The sarcastic barbs came after the explosion and went on and on... and on...Since she unfortunately didn't get blown to bits, she has a lot of questions and I just got tired of it. It's on my 'last resort reads' shelf in case I ever find myself with nothing but YA to read.