Playing Easy to Get

Playing Easy to Get - Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jaid Black Hunter's Oath by Jaid BlackMeh. It's hard to get into a slave-bride story. I was mostly annoyed by Sofia's adamant refusal to just accept reality. I understand wanting to escape, but she herself said she had nothing and nobody to escape to. She wanted to start a new life. Well, bitch, here it is! Fucking start. And after admitting to herself that she knew escape was impossible, she still wouldn't let it go. I'm sorry, but if I were kidnapped and taken to a strange new world that nobody had ever heard of, I'd find a way to be content. It might be hard and it might be weird, but fighting it is futile. Fighting it when you have accepted it's futile is just fucking stupid.The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley ColeAgain, the heroine kills me. The story itself was really neat, but Myst's personality - the use 'em and lose kill 'em attitude got tiresome real quick. I felt bad for Wroth. So bad that I understood his losing his head and hurting Myst. I mean, it's reasonable. Myst wasn't reasonable at all. And Regin, her sister, was a biiiiiitch. OMG I wanted her to get killed by the bad guy.Turn Up the Heat by Sherrilyn KentyonI skimmed the crap out of this one. I couldn't bear any more of Allison's "oh-woe-is-me" nonsense. Overall, I feel like I wasted my time reading these. Partially because these stories are part of series that I am unfamiliar with, but also because none of the heroines were strong. I found serious fault with all of them and forced myself to continue because I don't have anything else to read at the moment. I regret it.And I just unwittingly quoted Voldemort.