Razor's Edge: Men in Blue Series, Book 2

Razor's Edge - Jayne Rylon Even though this book had me going "Really? Really?" a few times, I liked it as a whole.The same plot devices are used repeatedly in romance novels and whenever I found the story headed into one of those overused directions, the author threw me for a loop. Either, she wouldn't let the story go in that direction for very long or she'd blow my freaking mind with something so disturbing, I could no longer associate it with the tired plot devices of other stories.Seriously. This book gets gross. As a horribly perverted hussy with little shame, I was okay with this. But I was surprised at the same time. So uh, be warned, I guess. There are gaping buttholes.I could nitpick about things, but I really don't feel like it. It was a solid, enjoyable story and though I'm not really interested in the other books of this series, I'm definitely interested in reading more from Jayne Rylon.Edit: I take it back, I'm not interested in reading more from Jayne Rylon because everything else looks to be menage. I think this is her only book that isn't.