No Control (Delta Force Trilogy Series #2)

No Control - Shannon K. Butcher Yet again, my complaints are about the heroine.Lana, our heroine female lead, is a delusional coward of epic proportions. After being kidnapped, tortured, terrorized and all that other bad stuff that happens to women in third world countries, she had to learn how to walk again. She's dealt with so much, but she's a huge freakin' pussy!The good guys think Lana is holding back information that she gained while being held captive.She does, but she doesn't feel that information will help them. She thinks keeping this information to herself is the only solution. If the bad guys don't think she knows anything, they'll go away, right? When has this assumption ever, ever turned out to be true?People want to kill her. So obviously, the best course of action is to keep her mouth shut, pretend she doesn't know anything, and send her bodyguard away.Because she's totally proven she can take care of herself by... living on her own for a few months? By not dying when everyone thought she would? She can take care of herself when facing shady extremist terrorist groups. She doesn't need anyone's help, damnit.Her coworker/friend gets shot. Her parent's house is burned down. And she still thinks that if she just keeps her mouth shut, nobody will hurt her or her family. How fucking stupid can you be?! There is a sniper on the roof, but she still can't bring herself to be honest with the person putting his life on the line to protect her? Her dishonesty is more likely to get people killed than if she just told people what the hell was going on!I hated this heroine. I hated her enough to want to put the book down and DNF it. Pop it into the 'dnf-hated-the-heroine' shelf and forget about it. But Caleb... oh good lord. I want one of him for myself, please.Caleb was touching, emotional, rough, tough, and manly. I loved him. I couldn't picture him very well, so I think my brain just defaulted to Matt Bomer. I really liked how he wouldn't let Lana push him away at every turn and didn't spend his entire inner monologue on trying to convince himself that he and Lana couldn't be together. I honestly don't know why he'd want to be with her, but whatever. He was a great character.Grant was a funny guy and, unless the heroine is as 'too stubborn to live' as Lana, I'll read a book about him with pleasure.The 2 stars are for Caleb. He's the only reason I finished this book.