Going Down (Holding Out for A Hero, #1)

Going Down (Holding Out for A Hero, #1) - Shelli Stevens I had actually read this before, but decided to kill some time by reading it again. Then realized I hadn't added it to GR.The story is what you'd come to expect from Shelli Stevens. Not too deep, super steamy, mild drama. And it works most of the time, so keep on keepin' on, girl.The issue I have with this particular story is Ellie running away from testifying in court. If the bad guy goes free because she can't man up and be an adult, that's... not good? That's not a character I can sympathize with. Hide until you're required to show up? Sure. Approach a lawyer that can't possibly be attached to the bad guy? Yup. But you don't run like a bitch and refuse to testify at all. I hated that.Also, the set up of the 'climax', which I will hide behind spoilers is so predictable, it's almost painful. And it's not that I remember reading it before, because I didn't remember this part at all. As soon as they order room service, my brain goes 'Ding! Tyson will go take a shower or go to the other room to make a phone call and then a bad guy will show up instead of room service and attack or kidnap Ellie.' And then Tyson takes a shower and Ellie opens the door to the bad guy and gets attacked. Boom. It was so predictable. I've read this same scene in like 5 other books. Am I the only person that looks through the god damn peephole before opening a hotel door? And guess what? People aren't trying to kill me. I don't even have a reason to be suspicious of somebody coming to my door, but I still fucking check.Ladies... I'm talkin' to you. Don't get murdered.