When You Dare

When You Dare - Lori Foster I started like, 5 books in the last 24 hours and this was the only one I could finish. I wasn't expecting much, partly due to the previous 4 failures of literature and partly because I just don't have high expectations for a book with man-candy on the cover. Don't get me wrong, I'd totally wash my panties on that washboard, but I don't read a book with a cover like this thinking I'll be finding the next NYT bestseller.So color me surprised when I read the whole book during work (it's not like they actually have work for me to do). Let me first say that, although I didn't hate the heroine, I felt she was contradictory in the sense that she would refuse to show weakness over her kidnapping/abuse, but she was meek and unsure of herself around the hero. He was toootally into her and she just wouldn't accept it. I admit I skimmed over some of her fretting because I'd rather her be the brave, tough, independent heroine than the awkwardly unassuming, 'oh no, don't trouble yourself over little ole me' heroine.The hero is what kept me from putting this book down. Dare (hero) and Chris (bff & personal assistant to Dare) were great characters that I legitimately cared for. I liked how Dare wasn't running through the "I'll just have sex with her once and get her out of my system, then ditch her" hamster wheel. He knew he felt something more for the heroine and never tried to deny it or push her away in an effort to give her freedom to find somebody that truly 'deserved her'... I hate that excuse.If Chris ever gets his own book, I'll read it even though I tend to avoid M/M romance novels since I can't really identify with the characters. He was a delight, not taking away too much attention from the story, but making a lasting impression as I feel secondary characters (especially one of the good guys) should.The villain... Can we say 'batshit crazy'? I picked up on who the bad guy was a little sooner than I think I should have. But I blame that more on the fact that I've got backstabbers and schemers on the brain than on any misstep the author may have made in foreshadowing too soon.I would have enjoyed an epilogue with a little familial closure, but since most of what would be in an epilogue was briefly wrapped up in the final paragraphs of the last chapter, I guess I can't complain. It would have been nice to have the wrap up explained a little more.So all in all, I enjoyed the book quite a bit. I would definitely recommend it to people that enjoy romantic suspense, but not to those who like it a little steamier. This was fairly tame on the sex. While I have a few minor complaints, they weren't enough to make me put the book down (and anyone who reads my reviews will know I DNF a lot of books because it doesn't take much to put me off a story).