About Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox My status updates for this Kindle ebook are going to be off because there is 18% at the end that is really just previews for other books.Which was actually welcome because I take note of how far into the book I am and I was wondering what could possibly happen that would fill up 15%. When the "Acknowledgements" page showed up, I was surprised only because there was so much space left on the progress bar. It ended at the appropriate place.So... Cath. This girl has issues. And while I think she's slightly misguided (as with all people who think they don't deserve happiness), it was refreshing to read about a character that understood that she wasn't behaving in an entirely logical manner. Her reasons were flimsy and she admitted it. I tend to get pissy about female characters that spend the whole time in denial or being contrary. Cath didn't deny her feelings - she accepted them, she just thought they were toxic. At no point did I throw my hands up in frustration and want to smack Cath. I was frustrated for her. I understood her actions and feelings, though I didn't agree with them. And I wanted to help her. It feels weird, but I did.Nev... let me just say that Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, got toootally hot. I mean, DAAAMN. So this name no longer bothers me as much as it did. Add to that, Nev from this book is pretty amazing himself, and I might just go out and find me a Neville to bone. He was dreamy on so many levels, even when he was in City mode. I hated how he allowed his family to treat him, but he was kinda perfect otherwise. Even when he hurt Cath's feelings at Leyton, I didn't think his behavior was unacceptable. I may be biased, because I wouldn't want to have Cath's babies.I really liked this one and would recommend it. Repeatedly.