Her Forbidden Hero: Heroes (Entangled: Brazen)

Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye This book was alright. It used a lot of tropes and I found the characters to be one dimensional.As usual, my complaints are about Alyssa, the female lead. At first, she came off as incredibly naive. Even why saying she wasn't naive, she was naive. I mean, who really expects somebody to come back injured from war without any issues at all? Alyssa does.I disliked how she wouldn't give Marco a chance to explain himself. She's toootally in love with him, has been since she was younger, but her response to their first fight is to get a new job in another state and move away without telling him. Not cool.Marco, however, was dreamy. He came across as really angry at first, but his struggles felt honest and I really liked how he developed.The story was alright, but I got stuck on Alyssa's less-than-mature decisions. Then there were a couple inconsistencies that I felt were entirely too obvious to have been missed in editing.I did, however, pick up another Laura Kaye novel and really enjoyed it. Soo...I recommend the author, but not this book.