Instant Attraction

Instant Attraction - Jill Shalvis I was kinda surprised that this was a Jill Shalvis book, because I've read a lot of romantic suspense from her and there are rarely humorous moments. But this book had me laughing all throughout. It wasn't just the banter between characters, which was good. It was the little bits like this:“Uh-huh.” His voice was husky. Like a man completely confident in the knowledge that he was about to get lucky.And he was. He so was…The informal writing was a nice touch. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a comedy or stick it on a humor shelf, but it had plenty of amusing moments and I claim the informal writing had a lot to do with that.It was a light, cushy read that used the "no-strings-attached-fling-that-turns-into-love" trope. Since there wasn't a lot of dwelling on the character convincing themselves they weren't in love, and the "coming to terms" didn't take forever, the book wasn't subject to my "people who want to be miserable" phobia.While Shalvis uses some commonly used traits/characteristics/personalities for her characters, it feels a little like a copy+paste of bits and pieces of a dozen other characters (including those written by Jill Shalvis). I imagine she uses a cork-board covered in index cards that read "brooding", "sports star", "scarred", "special ops", "highly intelligent", "orphan", "5 sisters", "doctor", "reclusive", "animal lover", "city boy", "undercover", "bilingual", "charming", "widowed", "survivor's guilt", "amnesia", "passive-aggressive", "has evil twin", "vulnerable", "cop", "abused as child", "owns a jet", "romantic", "rich cowboy", "framed for murder", "doesn't trust women", "reluctantly romantic", "generous", "daddy issues", "fireman", "prisoner of war", "competitive", "2 brothers", "blonde", "creative", "scar on eyebrow", "scar on lip", etc. And she just throws darts at a the board until she has enough cards to complete her character. Toss in the automatic "strong, handsome, possessive, gentle but fierce, protective" traits and you've got a lead male.Then again, all authors that pump out books faster than that lady on "20 Kids & Counting" pumps out babies will probably reuse characteristics. And I doubt anyone wants to read about the "scrawny", "weak-minded", "partially deaf", "swamp rat", "cat lover" anyway.I would recommend this book to all my girl friends and I might remember to ask them if they've read it yet 3 months from now.I've also worn out my quotation mark key. =(