Taking Shots (Assassins, #1)

Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo Jesus, that was long. I really need to check book length in the future.The good thing about the length is that you really see the relationship develop. The bad thing about the length is that it's mostly due to Elli being a completely insecure, stubborn freak of a woman that has no idea what healthy thinking is. Holy crap, I wouldn't be surprised if readers develop mental issues themselves after reading about Elli.The saving grace of this book is Shae. If there is an award for Sweetest Guy ever, Shae would win it hands down. I really have no complaints about him at all. But I wish he really had tied Elli down and forced her to listen.I adored Shae and the romance was amazingly sweet, but Elli was psycho. I liked the basics of her character, but Toni Aleo took her to the extreme. Extremely stubborn, extremely insecure, etc. Even extremely drunk. o.O I just felt like she took it too far. She was too hurtful towards Shae when they got into a fight. She was too naive when it came to her mother and sister. She was too paranoid about her weight. She was too hung up on the past. She spent too long making Shae wallow. It was overwhelmingly annoying.I hated Elli. I loved Shae. I loved the ups of their relationship and blame Elli for all the downs.I won't recommend it, but I'm curious to see how other readers feel about Elli's neurosis.