Driven (SHOMI)

Driven - Eve Silver, Eve Kenin This is my first of what I'm being told is called a "SHOMI" novel. And let me just say: I'M CONVERTED!This book was pretty awesome. Lots of action with romance taking the supporting role, which was a nice change after my monthly Harlequin Blaze binge.Basically, Wizard uses Raina as bait (unbeknownst to her) to draw Duncan Bane out of his fortress and kill him. Bane is responsible for the torture of Wizard, his two sisters, a sexual assault on Raina, and the torture and death of countless others. Sooo... he's a bad guy. Wizard's plan to draw Bane out is successful, but once Raina finds out she is bait, she ditches Wizard and heads off to take on Bane by her lonesome.The CharactersWhile we didn't get a ton of backstory on the characters, we got enough to understand their feelings and behavior. A+ for not bogging down the action with history lessons. Raina was a little whiny for me at first, but her balls quickly dropped and she became seriously bad ass. I liked how accepting she was of the facts of life, even when they hurt. And what I thought was a TSTL moment ended up not being so bad. Wizard was difficult for me to like, but I'm not going to raise a ruckus over it. He was unfamiliar with emotions and Raina made him feel. So throughout the story, he's coming to terms with all these emotions he hasn't felt before. My complaint is that I wish he would have developed a little faster as a character. Maybe an additional scene where he admits to even having emotions before the big exchange of 'I love yous' at the end. Duncan Bane was a fucked up villain. Seriously, I never want to come across another human being that even comes close to being as sadistic as Bane. A+ on scary villain. Ben played an important role and I really liked him. Mistrustful at first, his concern for Raina was touching.The PlotThe action doesn't really stop once it gets started in this book and I loved that! With various attacks scattered throughout the entire story, we aren't just relying on the threat of Bane. Managing to provide that action without making it seem like everyone was out to get Raina took skill and I was quite pleased. Bane, Janson lackeys, ice pirates... it was an action-packed, fast read that I didn't want to put down.The Writing/GrammarNothing really stood out to me, but writing and grammar aren't things I focus on. A better reviewer might have some complaints, but it's beyond my attention span. I had some end quotation marks missing, but I don't think that was an editing problem because it only happened in certain places. I think it was my e-book copy.Basically, I had a great time reading this book and I will definitely be looking for other "SHOMI" books in the near future.I'll be recommending this book to lots of people, readers of this review included: read this book.