Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series, Book 1)

Haunted on Bourbon Street - Deanna Chase Freebie Kindle read.I read the blurb and started reading - usually I'll read reviews first, but I had a feeling I'd end up reading a review, then going to a reviewer's profile, then trolling their shelves, etc... never getting to this book. So yeah, blind read.I finished chapter 3 - just 13% - and decided it was time to come read some reviews. Because I've guessed at numerous plot threads and character hints now and I feel like they're so obvious that I don't want to continue reading. If I already know what every big 'revealing moment' will be, I have no need to read the book. Now, since I haven't continued reading, I don't know if my guesses will be correct. So I'm not saying that I do know what happens. But I'm reading with this underlying feeling of knowing what's going to happen, so I'm putting this book on hold. I'll definitely come back to it later.