The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5)

The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5) - Courtney Milan Courtney Milan has, yet again, left me wishing I lived in the late 1800s. I'd be a harlot, for sure.Anyway, this was an interesting little novella about Serena and Hugo, who are the parents of the main character in Brothers Sinister #2, I believe.I really had no complaints, aside from wishing there was a confrontational scene between Serene and the Duke. Or maybe between Serena and the Duchess! Oooh, that woulda been good.Oh wait, I do have a complaint. I couldn't understand Serena's thinking when it came to providing for her child by standing out in the freezing rain. How does that help? And why does she think she (basically a nobody) can ruin a duke with gossip? She's overestimating her power with that one. By a long shot. But I got over it pretty quickly.I couldn't really understand the purpose of the epilogue until I read the blurbs for the next books (Brothers Sinister #1 & #2).But it was a cute story with some heart and though I won't know until I read the next story, I believe it will turn out to be a solid prequel.And boom goes the dynamite.