From Kiss to Queen

From Kiss to Queen - Janet Chapman Jesus Christ, this woman. I'd almost DNF'd this a few times now, but there would be a great bit of bantering that had me laughing out loud, so I ended up continuing on until like 50%. Now I'm done with trying.

Jane. Fucking Jane. A total Mary Sue with the biggest, most bonkers inferiority complex I've ever seen. It's tedious and it's so extreme that it's far from believable. She is just shy of throwing herself off a cliff to rid the world of her tainted presence. I'm not kidding, this woman fucking haaates herself. Every single person she's spoken to has called her "beautiful", but she's still like "Look at my awful face! You could never want to look at this face for longer than necessary, so I'm going home!" And being an orphan is apparently worse than being infected with a fatal and highly contagious disease. She's just constantly denigrating herself and pointing out how worthless she is.

I'm also kinda annoyed with her "holy geez" "oh my" "sweet heavens" brand of cursing. Because there've been like 4 situations so far that deserve a "motherfucker" or a "god damn". Also, this is very obviously an adult book, but Jane comes across as about as sexually aware as a 14 year old. It's super awkward and the sex scene was so awful that even Jane knew it. Not to mention, the incongruity between her ridiculously low level of self-esteem and her extreme confidence in being able to pull a gun on a king and start a fight with a royal dignitary on her first day. That makes no sense - her whole thing is that she's a total nobody and not worth anyone's time or attention. But sit her down at a royal dinner (one she literally tried to run away from a moment before) and she's like "You want some of this? FIGHT ME."

I just really hate this woman. I think the rest of what I've read is actually pretty interesting. The plot, as of 50%, is great. Except for Jane being an awful self-loathing harpy that can't seem to find the joy in anything and cares about nothing except filling her womb. Absolutely hate her.