Closing The Gap (Dangerous Pasts Book 1)

Closing The Gap (Dangerous Pasts Book 1) - Colleen Charles Here's my problem...

We hear about how Lake is just so amazing - she's so smart, she's so unique, she'll haunt you long after you've parted ways, you'll never be the same after meeting her, she's the most special person Chuck has ever met!

Okay, fine. Now show me. No? Can't do that? Ah, I see.

Josh or Jason or Jared, whoever. He meets Lake. She barely speaks to him. But she says she understands that being at the top of your profession requires hard work. *gasp* "Oh my gosh, she's sooo intelligent and deep!" says Josh. And she works with horses. "JESUS CHRIST, COULD THIS WOMAN BE ANY MORE UNIQUE?!!" says Jared. And she's not throwing herself at him. "I love her." says Jason.

Are you serious? So far, about 30% of the way into the story, I have yet to read anything that justifies these claims. I have no idea why or how Jethro has come to these conclusions after being in her presence for all of 30 minutes.

Aside from all that, the story opens with suspense before cutting to contemporary romance and never looking back. Not what I was looking for.