Bake My Day (Maple Falls, #1)

Bake My Day (Maple Falls, #1) - Shannon Graupman "Tedious"... That's the best word to use in describing this story. Also, "poorly edited"... There are missing quotation marks, the tense changes randomly, the POV changes mid-sentence, the wrong word is used constantly, etc. Lie instead of lay, and instead of an, passed instead of past.

But tedious... Dear Jesus. Every. Little. Thing. She walks across the room, she picks up her mug. She turns to walk back across the room. She picks up the coffee pot. She pours her coffee. She adds one sugar and two creamers. She stirs the coffee. She wraps her hands around the mug. She sips the coffee. She looks out the window. The leaves are so colorful. The wind is blowing. The lake is pretty. She turns away from the window. She walks across the room. She sets her coffee down. She wraps a scarf around her neck. She picks up the coffee. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST NOBODY CARES. This book was 3x as long as it should have been because the author went into extreme detail about every. little. thing.

The bones of the story were good - escape your old life, stop in a random town, buy a bakery, fall in love, fight to keep said bakery, etc. It was all very sugary sweet, but entirely overloaded with pointless information about every. little. thing. The author had the perfect opening for character development, an interesting romance, and some serious drama. Instead, she wasted all her time on describing every move Cora made in extraneous detail that bogged the story down until it was a struggle to keep reading.

Would not recommend, I like y'all way to much to suggest wasting your time on this.