Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction)

Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction) - Laurann Dohner This was odd and I'm not real happy to find that I liked it. The story itself is great, really fun and interesting. A few hilarious scenes of misunderstandings between the cyborgs and people with more casual language.

My problem is with the writing... the author had everyone verbally vomiting everything. An hour after reuniting, our H/h are like "And we'll buy a house and get married and start having babies. We'll do this and then we'll do that. I know you think we can't do this as well, but I'll show you we can not only do this, but that, too."

Like, do these people ever think about things? No, they just speak. And speak. And speak. All the information you're given about damn near anything is given as dialogue.

Whatever. I still liked it.