Vampire CEO

Vampire CEO - Erin R. Bedford LOL what? Okay, let me spoil the first chapter for you and you can join me on the Rollercoaster of Disbelief.

So this witch has been training to be a priestess her whole life, but now she actually has to get a 9-5 job instead. Bummer. She's never had a job and has no skills to be a secretary, so she applies to be a secretary. Because she has no job history or references, she lies on her resume and casts a "spell of persuasion" on herself to convince the employer she's the real deal. She goes to the interview - "Oh my god, this job interview is for the position of secretary to the CEO?! And it's a night shift job?! Whaaaat?" - where the HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES asks her why they should hire her. She literally triggers her spell and says "Because I'm the right person for the job." Boom, she's fuckin' hired, here's your employee handbook, blah-ditty-blah-blah-blah. They leave the interview room and she crashes into the Adonis-like CEO, creams her panties, and can't even function enough to stand on her own two legs in the presence of her new boss. Next day it's time to go to work, time for the Big First Day pep talk about how she's strong and smart, she earned this job, she's got the skills... and... talent to wait, what? She didn't earn this job. She has none of the skill sets required to be the secretary for the CEO of a major corporation. She didn't even read the fucking employment ad! She's a witch and didn't even make her own damn persuasion spell - she spent most of her savings on buying it! And let me tell you: it was a shit spell if it persuaded the user of her lies instead of just the employer.

I dislike this girl so strongly, I'm not even gonna bother trying chapter two.