Dead Shifter Walking (The Succubus Executioner)

Dead Shifter Walking (The Succubus Executioner) - Kim Schubert Reread before moving on to the sequel and I pretty much feel the same as I did last time when I wrote the review below. The only thing that stuck out this time around is that I disliked not knowing who the romantic interest was going to be, we flip flop a bit between various men before settling down with somebody super fast. I can't figure out why she suddenly decided to have a relationship with somebody after barely sharing a few words between them.

Original review for first reading:

This was a total mess, but it could be great with some spit and polish. Some things aren't explained at all, even though there are entire scenes based around them. Our heroine is a super Mary Sue "Executioner" that doesn't really seem to execute anyone. Important characters aren't really introduced, while nobodies are given backstory. The whole book definitely needs to be picked over with a fine tooth comb - but it was a lot of fun and I'd be very interested in continuing with the series.