Defying Eternity (An Obscure Magic Book 5)

Defying Eternity (An Obscure Magic Book 5) - Viola Grace I liked the first two books in this series well enough for what they are. But then things started getting too ridiculous and moving too quickly, so I decided I wasn't interested in the rest of the series. Apparently, only the first three books are focused on Benny and her myriad of mates. Figured I'd give this one a shot. And it was a good choice, I thought it was fun and I liked the characters. Due to the epilogue, it looks like this will be the only book to focus on Leo and Matthias, but I gotta say I'd be way happier to read three books about these two characters than three books about Benny and her three or four husbands. I really wish Viola Grace had started this series with a trilogy on this couple instead.

It looks like Ritual Space (previous book in series) is also a solo story, so I'll check that one out, too.