Trapped in the Stars (Sci-fi Military Romance)

Trapped in the Stars (Sci-fi Military Romance) - Lynn Red The plot was great. The characters were decent. But the writing was atrocious and the editing sorely lacking.

Nothing was explained in a satisfactory manner. The author might as well have just said "they did a thing and life support came back on" or "abracadabra, the bad guy was dead"... I wouldn't be surprised if somebody told me that every other sentence had been removed from the book because that's what it felt like.

As for editing... Quotation marks just scattered throughout. Really difficult to understand dialogue with no quotation mark to close it off.

And the ending might as well have been a cliffhanger - not much is resolved and I haven't a clue as to what's going on with the H/h.

Wouldn't recommend. It's quite unsatisfactory.