Always A Lady (Silhouette Promo)

Always A Lady (Silhouette Promo) - Sharon Sala I should have checked my own review (below) before rereading this book. Oh gosh, that was just tedious. I love the story, but hate Lily's obsession with the scar on her face. Which is all there really is to Lily. If her issues with her scar were hashed upon less, this would probably be 4 stars for me. As it is, Lily's delusions take away at least 2 stars.

Original review:
The female MC, Lily, is totally delusional and actively undermines herself. She was fucking miserable, man. 75% of the book is about her god damn face. She constantly notices that people are not staring, people are not looking away in disgust, she's not being treated like a leper. But then she turns around and expects the male MC, Case - who has repeatedly expressed his belief that he thinks she's beautiful as-is - to suddenly find her disgusting... at some point, probably? He's done nothing to make her think he finds her disgusting, but maybe he will next Thursday. So she rejects him and herself. It makes no sense.

It was just constant rehashing of the same thing: she's horrifying to look at and the guy just hasn't realized it yet. Chapter after chapter. This girl is shaaallow. Maybe if she actually was horribly disfigured I could get it, but she wasn't, she just had a scar down her cheek. The very same one we find so dreamy on our bad boy hero MCs. The only thing Lily cares about is her face, I dunno how she had any emotion left to fall in love.

But Case was a good character. He didn't really back down and I'm always a sucker for a ranching man. I kept reading mainly to find out how long he was going to put up with this stupid woman. I would have dumped her ass like 1/3 of the way through.

Bleh. Not good.