Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel

Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel - JoAnn Ross My major complaint is that we kept getting chapters on previous characters. I'm fine with getting updates or information on how the couples from previous books are doing, but I don't care enough to be taken out of the story completely and sent to another person's life. Especially when it's just an excuse to inject drama that wasn't happening in the current couple's relationship. Not much is going on with Claire and Dillon, so let's have Pheobe go through some lawsuit stuff and get engaged and we'll have Kara give birth while her husband and son are stuck in a snowstorm... I don't even know who these people are!

This is the 5th book in the series and I think we got pages of updates on all five couples. Imagine how much of the story will be dedicated to previous characters when you get further into the series.

As for the romance, it was fairly bland. No external conflict and only a little internal conflict on Claire's part. I was honestly more interested in whether her son Matt was going to hook up with the nerdy girl or the basketball groupie.

Thinking back on the story, I can't really tell you what happened. It was all very forgettable aside from the fact that JoAnn Ross cannot write teenagers consistently. She had two teenagers talking like wisened adults, one teenager talking like a seasoned prostitute, and only a couple were written like actual teenagers. And these kids cursed a lot in front of adults. When I was 15, I was not allowed to curse in front of my elders. It just felt wrong. Kids wouldn't talk like that without repercussions.

I was looking for a light-and-fluffy romance, which I got... but meh, it wasn't very satisfying.