Chance McCall (Harper Monograms)

Chance McCall (Harper Monograms) - Sharon Sala So the basic story is Jenny loves Chance; Chance loves Jenny, but has a shady background and doesn't think he deserves her, so he pushes her away; Chance has an accident and experiences amnesia - he doesn't remember Jenny, but he can feel that he loves her; Chance goes to investigate his history and discover whether or not he'll ever be able to come to Jenny with a clean slate.

Not bad. I like the idea, haven't really come across this twist with the "hero-with-anmesia" trope. So I really enjoyed it. No complaints about the characters or TSTL moments. There was a minor TSTL moment for Jenny, but I figure it was one of those "act on instinct, not on intelligence" things that ranchers probably have to deal with constantly.

However, couldn't you have just requested a background check? Gone to the town's police and gotten an idea for whether or not you were a bad guy? Wandering around a strange town hoping to remember something seems like a silly idea. Could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble.

I know this is a slightly older book, but I know background checks are not a recent development. So yeah, half this story wouldn't have been necessary.

But I still liked it, even if I thought it could all be avoided with a few phone calls. But really, how many books would barely be three chapters long if characters took the easy way out?