BURN (The Dark in You Series Book 1)

BURN (The Dark in You Series Book 1) - Suzanne  Wright So. Fucking. Good.

I want a Knox of my own and I want to be Harper when I grow up. Her attitude and abandonment issues really meshed well here. And Knox was insanely hot and totally alpha.

The drama and suspense were written with a deft hand and the world building was just enough to get my head in the right atmosphere without being distracting.

I'm so happy to see this isn't a series that focuses on new characters with each book. You hook me with the baddest motherfucker on the planet, I wanna stick with it and see more.

Grabbing the next book tomorrow... Er, later today when I wake up because holy shit it's 3:30am and I literally did not put this book down for anything. Now that I think about it, my neck hurts and I need to pee really badly.

Highly recommended, adding it to my favorites, and now I gotta goooo!