Death Beckons

Death Beckons - J.C. Diem It's so bad that it's almost good. Almost. It's hard to explain.

Everything's fucking ridiculous, but almost charmingly so. Almost. I mean, she accidentally skewers two vampires with the sword sticking out of her chest. How can you not enjoy that level of wtfery?

I read the blurb for the sequel and it sounds so hilariously absurd that I'm almost interested in reading it. Almost. I feel like this book was unintentionally hilarious and awful - I started out thinking I was going to DNF it because this girl was like "He needs teeth whitener." as this ancient vamp was about to murder her and I was just thinking "Oh this dumb bitch right here.. " Then she kills the vamp and he's all "Oh no, what have you done?!" when he's dying and she's just sheepishly like "Umm... killing you, I think?" And at that point she went from awful heroine to amusingly awful heroine. That being said, I don't think I could handle more than one book of this girl and will just have to deal with the cliffhanger.

I dunno if I'd bother to recommend it.