Ruined (A Barnes Brothers novel)

Ruined (A Barnes Brothers novel) - Shiloh Walker *sigh* I have a serious problem with the Big Misunderstanding trope here. Since it's not even hinted at in the blurb, but I feel the desperate need to complain about it, I'm hiding it in a spoiler tag. But be forewarned that it's the biggest plot point of the whole book and takes up nearly half of the story.

ALWAYS. TELL. THE. BABY'S. DADDY. THAT. YOU'RE. PREGNANT. God damn, Marin. "I tried to tell you I was pregnant, but you took a phone call!" UUUUGGGGHHHH! No. I don't buy it. When it's something as important as A FUCKING BABY, you force the guy to listen. You grab his arm, stop him from leaving, and make him listen. You track his ass down and make him listen. You block his exit and make him listen. You can even fucking text message him and make him listen! "I tried, but he was busy!" is an awful excuse.

So. Yeah. The meat of this story really bothered me. I also wasn't a big fan of Sebastian - I don't like alcoholics. But I did think his story - going from Sexiest Man Alive to scarred and broken was very interesting. I'm basically giving this two stars because of that and ending - I really did like the conclusion, but it wasn't enough to make up for most of the plot driving me insane.

This book tripped a few of my personal 'dislike' triggers, but I know not everyone has the same, so you're on your own in deciding whether or not you want to read it. This is a shit review, man. Sorry.