The Dragon's Heart

The Dragon's Heart - Eden Ashe Daniel thinks Shelby tried to have him killed. There's no reason for her to want him dead, but he was at her house when an assassin showed up and so obviously she's the one that hired them to kill him. Because a Hollywood starlet would know how to hire immortal assassins that target dragons. Uh okay.

So Shelby and Daniel are mated. She ends up being cool with it after a little panic attack brought on by the knowledge that dragons are real. But Daniel is like "Nope. Can't have a mate. I'm the king and I can't have any weaknesses. No distractions. My people need me sane and responsible, not crazy in love." So he's going to break the mate bond. Which will kill him.


Every reason he has for not having a mate is completely invalidated by the fact that his other option is death. His people need him? How's he gonna be king and lead his people when he's dead?

There have been quite a few of these WTF moments while reading this. And I'm left feeling like the hero is just really fucking dumb. Daniel is thousands of years old - he's a fucking KING for god's sake - there is no excuse for this level of stupidity.

It's driving me insane and I just can't really stand to put up with it anymore. This was a freebie on Kindle, so it's not surprising or much of a loss.