An Ill Wind

An Ill Wind - Monette Michaels I legit did not read far enough to get into spoiler territory. You know from the blurb that Fee's past has come back to haunt her and I made it two chapters in, so... no spoiler tags.

Fee was stalked and raped - it says so five times in two chapters. This is one of those "sexual-assault-changed-everything-about-the-way-I-live-my-life" chicks. Which is FINE. You wanna go all Sidney Prescott in Scream 3, that's cool.

Fee moved to a Bumfuck Nowhere little town to hide, she's changed her number repeatedly, she's gone the full nine yards - I'm willing to bet she has an unreasonable number of deadbolts on her front door. So then...
She sighed. Time to change her number again.
Eventually Stall would give up. He’d find a new victim; hopefully, one who could make a case against him and have it stick.

Oh my god, what?

She knows Crazy Rapist is stalking her again, so she's like "I'll just change my number and he'll get tired of chasing me. Find somebody else to stalk and rape." Because that's not the stupidest thing ever or anything, right?

"No need to tell my Special Ops brother and his SSI operative BFF that could probably help me with this, nooope!" This is no more significant than breaking a nail and upon further inspection, realizing you're gonna have to get a fill along with a new nail - an appointment that should have taken 15 minutes turns into an hour. That's the level of inconvenience this woman feels about her stalker finding her again.

Oh my god, what?

She sounds kinda awful.