Rough - Scott Hildreth 100% drama free, ooey-gooey romance. I think it's an MC themed story just to give Brad the excuse to curse like a sailor with Tourettes. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but the MC played an extremely minor role in this story compared to others I've read.

The dad, Bradley, was THE BEST part of this book. I love my dad, but I would have also loved having Bradley as my father. Awesome guy! Tegan was fine, though her character could have been a bit more developed.

I almost DNF'd it near the beginning because Brad wasn't a likeable character AT ALL but he got his head out of his ass pretty quickly. Glad I stuck with it.

Given the next book's blurb, I believe this is the only story from this series I have any interest in. But it works well as a stand-alone so I'd definitely recommend it.