Nothing But Trouble - a Western Romance

Nothing But Trouble - a Western Romance - Lisa Mondello I sat here for a couple minutes, hovering the mouse over the rating, wavering back and forth between one and two stars. I will oh so gladly tell you why, but be warned I will discuss the climax and basically spoil the whole thing. Here we go...

Melanie has diabetes - it's pretty fucking serious. She needs an insulin shot every morning and night. So spending a month on horseback in the Wyoming wilderness is going to take some serious planning and preparation.

This bitch shows up with four pieces of luggage. And it is all downhill from there.

She's gonna wander the great wide wilderness in her shiny new equestrian boots, of course! You mean she can't bring her hair dyer?! What ever is she supposed to do?! Can't cook, can't pitch a tent, didn't research wilderness living, didn't bother to check up on what kind of predators roam the region, no need to look at the weather predictions for the next month, nothing.

Melanie Fucking Summers is going to survive in the wilderness. With no knowledge or preparation. With diabetes.

She's doing all this to prove to her father that she's strong, that she can take care of herself, that her disease isn't going to define her or hold her back. Very valiant of her.

Except she proves that she's pretty fucking stupid when she packs all of her insulin and supplies in one saddlebag. You're about to roam the high country wilderness for four weeks, going up and down and over mountains, crossing rivers, getting caught in storms, etc. And you don't think you should maybe bring extra supplies and pack them separately in case you lose your bag? Of course not.

Further proving how well she can take care of herself, she brilliantly decides to hide her diabetes from her guide. So if something horrible were to happen, he would have absolutely no idea what was wrong. He's in charge of your safety, but he doesn't need to know vital information that would keep you safe, right?

So obviously, when they get caught in a storm, she loses her insulin and finally has to come clean with Stoney, who is way too quick to forgive that bullshit. And she has to be airlifted to a hospital.

How long did she survive in the great outdoors? NINE FUCKING DAYS.

As if that pathetic showing weren't embarrassing enough, these two are convinced they're in love with each other after three days of riding in silence. I don't believe that for a split second.

Thank god it was free.