Descended - Evangeline Anderson I chose to read this one out of the series because it's supposedly has the least page time dedicated to the heroine obsessing over her body. I don't care if the heroine is curvy, chubby, whatever. I just don't want to hear her rag on herself and how nobody could love a whale like her, blah blah. You know what I mean. So this heroine was pretty good about it. She was self-conscious, but not obsessive. I felt like I could relate.

Really long sex scenes with multiple POV changes, I got a little tired of it. It was hot, especially the dirty talk, but they felt like they went on forever.

The star of this show is the plot, though. From Charlotte's reactions to the alien warrior Kristoff, to their developing relationship, the assassination attempts, the trials, the coup, the betrayal.. Oh god, it was a wild ride and much more entertaining and intriguing than I usually expect from erotica.

I've liked other books from this author, though most of them are a little too kinky for me - I'm not into menages. But I'll have to dig through her backlist and see if I'm missing any other gems.