Somewhere Only We Know (The Callaways) (Volume 8)

Somewhere Only We Know (The Callaways) (Volume 8) - Barbara Freethy This story gets four stars instead of five because of the writing. I love dialogue and this was dialogue heavy, but it didn't flow in certain areas. The author keeps giving us information in the form of questions and answers between the characters - rapid fire, one after the other. Like they're quizzing each other in preparation for an exam and they're quickly flipping through index cards. It was very unnatural and disconcerting. There has to be a more organic and smooth way to give the reader this information than to have the characters give each other the third degree. Especially about things like... the career choices of all 8 cousins from that one side of the family that you met 3/10ths of at the party last week, you remember them? Dear god, that is more information than I need at all, but to have Maddie and Burke question each other and give essay answers to everything makes their little walk up the stairs take five minutes.

Still, the information was interesting and entertaining. I can't hate on it too badly. But I did find myself thinking "Really now? This is not debate team. Shut up."

Characters... For such a free spirit optimist that only sees the best in people, Maddie is a bit of a judgmental pessimist when it comes to Burke. Other than that, I really enjoyed both of them. I liked their opposites attract thing going on, which usually doesn't work for me because the characters are rarely as opposite as they think. But it worked here.

I thought the plot was pretty entertaining - I definitely wasn't expecting the big reveal at the end. Though I'm kind of annoyed by the fact that one plot thread about Vegas was left dangling. We aren't informed as to how all that turns out and I would have appreciated knowing because it was built up so much as a viable threat. For it to be something you're running from the entire book, it damn well should be wrapped up. So maybe I'd have given this 4.5 stars, but with the weird writing and the dangling plot thread of frustration, it's only a solid 4 stars.

I'll probably check out the other books in this series when I come across them.