At Blade's Edge (Goddess With a Blade)

At Blade's Edge (Goddess With a Blade) - Lauren Dane Okay, now that I've slept on it, I can review this a little better.

As the series progresses, I'm seeing more and more similarities between it and the Guild Hunter series. But since Guild Hunter is my favorite thing ever, the few similarities don't bother me at all. Rowan is super kick ass and I'm kinda in love with Clive - you'll never change my mind, ok?

Complaints... this felt really short. We spent a lot of time in Rowan's or Clive's head as they ruminated over their relationship. I would have preferred a bit more time spent on Rowan kicking ass. She barely got her hands dirty in this book. More action next time, please? And the end... it's not exactly a cliffhanger, but oh my god what?! I am so not looking forward to the wait for the next book. I wanna know NOW who the bad guys are!

Lauren Dane is very hit or miss with me. I've vowed to never read her books again, but then I remember she wrote this series and there are a couple others I just love so much. I'm a bit torn, you know? But I'll absolutely snatch up the next book in this series as soon as it's published.