Fury Rising

Fury Rising - Yasmine Galenorn I would have given this five stars if so much page time hadn't been dedicated to describing the surroundings. I legit don't give a shit where that particular river goes or how dense the forest is or what sand dunes look like. A cursory description would have been more than enough considering how much myth and magic we're dealing with. Keeping track of the various gods, goddesses, Abominations, bog-dogs, Greenlings, Fae, werecreatures, and more... in addition to the various changes wrought by the World Shift... yeah, I don't need to know that this river used to be bigger and lined with oak trees before the world went to shit.

That being said... ooooh, I like this fucked up world! Fury is a super bad-ass in the service of Hecate and her closest pals are a hawk-shifter and a Fae. Together, they kicked butt pretty spectacularly and I had a great time following along with their attempts to save the world from another shift. The romance was... a little odd. Jason kinda seems to have some feelings for Fury, but it's very hard to get a read on them - are they fatherly/friendly feelings or is that a hint of jealousy I taste when he sees Fury kissing Tam? Hmmm.... But I like where the romance is going. I think one of my favorite parts is Hecate and how... personable she was. She's still a freaking goddess and you do NOT want to cross her, but she also had a sense of humor and repeatedly showed a caring and nurturing side that I usually don't see in other books that feature the Greek gods and goddesses. Usually they're characters that will kill you with a glance and humans have to walk on eggshells around them. Not so in this book. Hecate seemed like a really powerful favorite aunt. Loved it.

Overall, this was an awesome read. I'm glad I waited on reading it because the next installment should be out next month and I won't have to wait long to get another fix of Fury & Friends. And from the blurb, I believe some of the questions I had in the spoiler tag above will probably be answered. Really looking forward to it, but I hope and pray that the extensive scene descriptions won't make an appearance.